A Belgian Apple scruff

In July 1968, only eighteen years old, Dan Lacksman took the ferry to England, hitchhiking from one youth hostel to another, to discover The Beatles' London. Before he knew it, he was hanging out with the group of hard-core Beatle fans in whose honour George Harrison wrote the song "Apple Scruffs".          

"We would gather in front of Paul's house in St John's Wood and then we would walk to Abbey Road", Dan remembers. "It was amazing how the "Scruffs" always knew the whereabouts of The Beatles. Already on my second day, I managed to take pictures of all of them: Paul arriving in his Aston Martin with John and Yoko, George a little later in his white Mercedes, and finally Ringo. I also went to "Kenwood", John's property in Weybridge, but apparently he was out, as was Ringo, who lived less than a kilometre from John. Probably my best memory is when I went to see George Harrison and his wife Pattie at their bungalow in Esher, with the psychedelic paintings George did with Klaus Voormann on the wall, and the famous Indian painted Mini in front of the garage.          

The first day, George answered the door but he made it clear he wanted to be left alone. When we (I was with a French girl) went back a few days later however, he kind of apologised for having sent us away earlier and started to discuss "It's all too much" with us, one of his songs featured in the Yellow Submarine cartoon. And then he let us take pictures of him and Pattie."