Belgian records by Paul McCartney

In 1979, after fifteen years with Capitol in the US, as a Beatle and as a solo artist, McCartney left to sign with Columbia. In the rest of the world he remained faithful to EMI. In Belgium, as in all other European countries, his records appeared again on the Parlophone label.

That same year however EMI changed its general attitude towards manufacturing and distributing records in Europe. For Belgium this meant the end of domestic manufacturing of McCartney records.


March 1971 Another Day / Oh Woman Oh Why
  Apple 4C006 04758
February 1972 Give Ireland Back To The Irish / Give Ireland Back To The Irish (version)
  Apple 4C006 05007
December 1972 Hi Hi Hi / C Moon
  Apple 4C006 05208
April 1973 My Love / The Mess
  Parlophone 4C006 05301
June 1973 Live And Let Die / I Lie Around
  Apple 4C006 05361
November 1973 Helen Wheels / Country Dreamer
  Apple 4C006 05486
January 1974 Mrs Vandebilt / Bluebird
  Apple 4C006 05529
February 1974 Jet / Let Me Roll It
  Apple 4C006 05554
April 1974 Band On The Run / Nineteen Hundred And Eighty Five
  Apple 4C006 05635
October 1974 Junior's Farm / Sally G
  Apple 4C006 05752
September 1975 Letting Go / You Gave Me The Answer
  Capitol 4C006 96940
November 1975 Venus And Mars / Rock Show
  Capitol 4C006 97263
April 1976 Silly Love Songs / Cook Of The House
  MPL 4C006 97683
July 1976 Let 'Em In / Beware My Love
  MPL 4C006 98062
February 1977 Maybe I'm Amazed / Soily
  MPL 4C006 98701
November 1977 Mull Of Kintyre / Girls School
  Capitol 4C006 60154
March 1978 With A Little Luck / Backwards Traveller - Cuff Link
  MPL 4C006 60639
June 1978 I've Had Enough / Deliver Your Children
  MPL 4C006 61260
August 1978 London Town / I'm Carrying
  MPL 4C006 61540
March 1979 Goodnight Tonight / Daytime Nightime Suffering
  Parlophone 4C006 62579
June 1979 Getting Closer / Spin It On
  Parlophone 4C006 62945
April 1980 Coming Up / Coming Up - Lunch Box-Odd Sox
  special import sleeve only
? Back To The Egg (LP)
  MPL 4C064 62799