Mind Games / Meat City

Apple 4C006 05494
by John Lennon
November 1973


A-side :

Mind Games (Lennon)4:10
matrix nr: R5994-A1 FP73 or C006 05494 A

B-side :


Meat City (Lennon)2:52
matrix nr: R5994?B1 FP73 or C006 05494 B

Four minor variations of this single exist. Some have the UK release number R 5994 mentioned on the label, others have C006 05494. In combination with two possible matrix numbers in the inner groove, the following combinations can be found:
Release nr matrix nr A-side matrix nr B-side
Variation 1
R 5994 R5994-A1 FP73 R5994-B1 FP73
Variation 2
C006 05494 R5994-A1 FP73 R5994-B1 FP73
Variation 3
C006 05494 R5994-A1 FP73 C006 05494 B
Variation 4
C006 05494 C006 05494 A C006 05494 B