Belgian LPs by The Beatles

Although we have never found or heard of Beatles LPs pressed in Belgium during the sixties, the matrix card for The Beatles (the so called "White Album") mentions a Belgian release in January 1969 with number PCS 7067-8. Unless a copy of this record surfaces, this is the only evidence of a possible original sixties Belgian Beatles LP.

In the seventies however, several Beatles LPs were pressed in Belgium. They can all be clearly identified as Belgian pressings on the label and the sleeve by the Belgian prefix in the release number (4C...) and often also by the mentions "Made in Belgium" and "SABAM".


1974/1975 Sgt Pepper's Lonely Heart's Club Band
  Parlophone 4C066 04177
February 1976 The Beatles (White Album) (2LPs)
  Apple 4C156 04173-74
? Abbey Road
  Apple 4C064 04243
March 1976 1962 - 1966 (2LPs)
  Apple 4C156 05307-08
January 1976 1967 -1970 (2LPs)
  Apple 4C156 05309-10
May 1976 Rock 'N' Roll Music (2LPs)
  Parlophone 4C152 06137
June 1977 The Beatles At The Hollywood Bowl
  Parlophone 4C052 06377
? Love Songs (2LPs)
  Parlophone 4C156 06550-51
? Rock'N'Roll (3LPs)
  Parlophone 4M128 54084-85-86


Some of these Belgian Beatles LPs have peculiarities certainly worth mentioning.
The sleeve of Sgt Pepper's Lonely Heart's Club Band has an Odeon logo but the label is Parlophone, with a style similar to the one used during the sixties in the UK. Moreover, the cover bears the mention (P) 1974 whereas on the label it says (P) 1975.
Finally, we found this pressing in a normal, glossy sleeve but also in a textured "woven" cover.

On Abbey Road the last song on side B, "Her Majesty" (0:22) which comes after 20 seconds of silence, is missing on the record although it's listed on the label.

The 3LP Rock 'N' Roll set combines the two discs of Rock 'N' Roll Music by the Beatles with John Lennon's Rock 'N' Roll LP from 1975. The label mentions "Made in EEC" but also has "SABAM" and a Belgian release number. The 3 LP's come in a solid LP-sized cardboard box with the "Music for Pleasure" logo.