George Harrison on Dark Horse Records in Belgium

The very first day after the expiry of the Beatles contract with EMI, on 27 January 1976, George signed to his own Dark Horse label. Dark Horse was launched on 23 May 1974 and hosted artists like Ravi Shankar and Splinter. A worldwide distribution deal was signed with A&M Records. After a legal dispute with A&M the contract was transferred to Warner Brothers (WEA Records).

Unlike in the US and the UK, it wasn't until 1981 that the first Harrison single on Dark Horse was made in Belgium. "All Those Years Ago" / "Writing's On The Wall" featured a Warner Brothers label but had the Dark Horse logo printed on the sleeve. The second and last Belgian Harrison single on Dark Horse "Teardrops" / "Save The World" had a genuine Dark Horse label.

Labels for both singles state that they are made in Belgium, but mention the Dutch STEMRA as the copyright company and not the Belgian SABAM.

Before 1981 and from 1982 on Dark Horse singles by George were imported from neighbouring countries.