Jean-Marie Périer on The Beatles

In the 1960’s, French photographer Jean-Marie Périer met and photographed The Beatles many times, notably for “Salut les Copains”. He was interviewed by Johan Ral and Jean-Louis Polard at the 2009 Beatles Day in Mons.


01. Bardot and The Beatles
As he knew of their admiration for Françoise Hardy and Brigitte Bardot – Jean-Marie organised a dinner for The Beatles with Françoise – and a meeting with Brigitte Bardot, June 65, in their hotel suite at the George V.
Literally nothing happened, as both parties were paralysed by each other’s presence. “For The Beatles, who were sitting on a sofa opposite BB, it was like watching the cover of a magazine and for her it was like looking at a record cover…” They had nothing to say to each other.

02. Trouble with Lennon
In 1966, Jean-Marie was asked to do some cover shoots for The Beatles. Among them, the legendary photo that will be used for the cover of the Penny Lane/Strawberry Fields Forever single. Périer used exactly the same effect (the subjects with spotlights in their backs) as he had done previously for a photo of French star Claude François. When John Lennon found this out, he got into an argument with Jean-Marie Périer, who promptly left. He now says that Lennon was right, and he was wrong. It was the end of their collaboration.

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