Salvatore Adamo on The Beatles

In 1997, Salvatore Adamo, the legendary Belgian-Italian singer-songwriter, told Johan Ral some great Beatles stories. Here are some highlights of that conversation…


01.  All You Need Is Love
While he was recording at Abbey Road at the end of 1966, Salvatore Adamo was invited by George Martin to meet and greet The Beatles who were recording in the studio next to his.

Much to his surprise, Adamo hears The Marseillaise being played while he enters the studio.

His impresario tells him that, believing Salvatore is French and not Belgian, they played the French national anthem especially for him. Which Adamo naively believed for 6 months – until All You Need Is Love came out…

En passant, he mentions that during that session, Paul McCartney was playing the drums, in the absence of Ringo.

02.  Interpreter
When The Beatles played the Olympia, Paris in 1964, on the same bill as Sylvie Vartan and Trini Lopez, Adamo played the interpreter for them during a live broadcast on French RTL radio.

03.  Can’t Buy Me Love
In the spring of 1964, Adamo was invited to visit the EMI record factory in Hayes, Middlesex – and was given the honour to press his own copy of The Beatles’ next single, Can’t Buy Me Love.
Unfortunately, it came out oval, completely off-centre and overflowing with vinyl. A true collector’s item, which Salvatore first kept on the wall of his room in Jemappes, but which got lost over the years.

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